Focus Group: Library’s Future

Do you live in Danbury? Please join us for a focus group discussion about the present and future of the Danbury Library.

In the year ahead, we will be creating a new 5-Year Strategic Plan for the Library. We need your valuable input to be sure that we are headed in the right direction!

“What if I don’t have anything to contribute?”
We’ll bet you do! Don’t worry if you don’t have specific ideas in mind right now; we’ll be doing brainstorming activities to get those creative juices flowing.

Focus groups will be held on Tuesday, April 10th at 3pm, Tuesday, April 17th at 5:30pm, and Thursday, April 26th at 11am in the Farioly Program Room of the Danbury Library. We will also be hosting a focus group at WCSU’s Westside Campus Center on Thursday, April 19th at 6pm.

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