11/30/2015 - Small Business Workshop: Legal Issue of Social Media
Date: 11/30/2015
Start Time: 5:30 PM
End Time: 7:00 PM
 Social Media websites such as Facebook®, LinkedIn® and Twitter® are changing the ways we advertise and promote ourselves to others, the way we communicate with others, and even the way we think about things.

The rise of social media has been so fast and so pervasive that our legal system has had trouble keeping up with the new technology. As a result, social media has created a host of legal questions such as:

• Do you have privacy rights when you post something on 
• Can someone post information about you online without 
your permission?
• Who owns a Facebook or Twitter account?
• Can you use information on someone else’s Facebook 
page without their permission?
• Can employers restrict their employees’ social media 
• Do you have to charge sales taxes when you sell some
thing on a social media website?

These are cutting-edge issues, and many attorneys, accountants and other professionals are grappling to find the answers. In this fast-paced, entertaining presentation, we‘ll help answer some of your questions about the rules that apply when you engage in social activities online.

Presenter: Cliff Enico is the host of Public Television’s Money Hunt show for entrepreneurs, a business expert, attorney, and author of a syndicated newspaper column “Succeeding in Your Business” and several books on business law and finance. 

Free. Registration required. For information call 203-796-8061.

Location: Farioly Program Room