4/12/2017 - Polar Science and Phenomena

STEM Workshop: Be a Polar Scientist with Explorer in Residence, Moki Kokoris

April 12th

4:00 - 5:30pm

Story Corner

Learn what it takes to become a Polar Scientist here at the Danbury Library! Featuring polar science and atmospheric phenomena such as auroras, sun dogs, diamond dust and fata morgana mirages. Also explored will be varieties of polar research i.e. ice cores, dynamics of sea ice, permafrost and lake methane.

Time-permitting, additional topics will investigate polar weather, geology, physical comparisons of the Arctic to Antarctica, personal accounts of Arctic expeditions and conditions at Borneo Ice Base, the concept of time zones as well as the difference between the Geographic North Pole and the Magnetic North Pole. Questions from students are welcome.

FREE! Ages 11+