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Legislation Authorizes State Library to Create E-Book Platform


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The Danbury Library now has ebooks available to circulate through your personal computer, smart phone, e-reader and tablet. Using the free 3M Cloud Library app that you will need to download to your device or computer, you can read the same ebook on up to six different devices. 

Getting Started

Borrowing, Reserving and Renewing Materials

  • 3M Cloud Library ebooks are available to all residents of Danbury with a valid Danbury Library Card. More information about library cards ...
  • Each ebook can be checked out to one Danbury Library customer at a time.
  • Danbury Library customer can check out up to 2 ebooks at a time.
  • Customers may place up to 3 holds at one time on ebook titles that are checked out.
  • Ebooks are checked out for 2 weeks and may be returned early (mobile apps only).
  • Ebooks may not be renewed but may be checked out again immediately if there are no holds on the ebook.
  • Not all publishers make their ebooks available to library customers.
  • The 3M Cloud Library app for personal computers can be used to search, borrow, and reserve ebooks that can later be downloaded to your device.
  • Note: Only select versions of the 3M Cloud Library app will have email notification for holds, we suggest checking your account on a regular basis.
  • To check a book in early, go to the My Books tab and then click on List View for the Currently Reading area. Each book will have a red button called “Check in” that you can click to return the book.

    You can also remove books that are in your hold list by clicking the List View button for the Hold List section and click on the Remove from Hold List.

Downloading to Your Device 

Using your computer visit 3M and download the free 3M Cloud Library app. You will need to know your current operating system.
For the PC :Instructions at ebook.3m.com 
For the MAC: Instructions at ebook.3m.com 

Using your device, visit the Apple App Store and download the free 3M Cloud Library app.

Nook Tablet
Visit the NOOK Apps store  and download the free 3M Cloud Library app.

Android Tablets and Smart Phones
Using your device, visit the Google Play Store and download the free 3M Cloud Library app.

Sony Reader

3M Cloud issues with Android 4.3

We would like to announce that we have a hotfix for the current 3M Cloud Library Android App to address the issue with reading ebooks on Android 4.3 devices. The App will be available shortly as an update on Google Play.

Kindle Fire
An official Kindle Fire app is coming soon. Until then, you can follow the instructions found here. You must allow 3rd party apps to be loaded onto your Kindle. The library is not responsible for data lost on the Amazon Kindle Fire using 3rd party apps.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet
The current version of the 3M Cloud Library Android app is not compatible with the new Google Nexus 7 tablet with the Android 4.3 operating system.  3M is working on a hotfix to allow compatibility of the 3M Cloud Library with the new hardware and operating system. The Hotfix App will soon be available on the Google Play Store.

Using your computer, visit 3M and download the free 3M Cloud Library app. Your selected ebooks must first be downloaded to your computer and side-loaded to your e-reader using the app.

Setting up Your App

When you first launch the app, you will need to include the following information:
Select State/County: CT
Select Library: Danbury Library
Enter Your Library-ID: Your 14 digit Danbury Library Card Number
End User Agreement: Open, tap "agree" to continue. For additional instructions.