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Cloud Library Mobile Apps

Mobile App Features


Browse the most popular Cloud Library books and titles chosen by library staff. To browse all books on a Shelf, tap "List View".


Browse all Cloud Library books by subject. Tap "List View" to see all titles in a subject. Tap "Show All Subcategories" to break the subject area into subcategories.


Search for books by words that appear in the title, author, or book details.

My Books

This is where you will find your account information as well as your current books, holds, messages, and more.


Currently Reading


This shows books you currently have checked out. Click "List View" to see more options, including "Check In" to return a book early.

Cloud Library list view

Hold List

Shows books you have on hold, as well as an estimate of how soon the book will be available.

Cloud Library hold list

Reading History

This is a list of all Cloud Library books you have read. If you like, you can choose to delete your reading history at any time by scrolling to the bottom of the page and tapping "Delete Reading History".

Message Center

The Message Center is where you will find any messages from the Library, including notices that your held items are ready for checkout.

Account Profile

Your account profile shows your library name, country, state, and city. If you like, you can change your library information by tapping the "Change Library Information" button.

Checking Out and Reading

Check Out and Holds

When you have found a book you would like, tap the book's cover to bring up the "Book Detail" page. Here you can see a summary and similar books in the collection.

Tap the green "Check Out" button to check out the book. If the book is currently checked out, tap the gray "Add to Hold List" button to place the book on your Hold List.

The book will appear on your Currently Reading list and will download to your device (download times are usually about a minute or less. Books with lots of pictures may take longer to download.)


Tap on the right edge of the screen or swipe to the left to turn pages forward. 

To go back, tap on the left edge of the screen or swipe right.

Access book options by tapping in the center of the page.

Cloud Library options

Tap the "x" icon or "Close" to go back to the book.

Tap i for book details.

Tap the gear icon for print size, margin, brightness, night mode, and lock orientation controls. (On some devices, these functions are under a double-A icon, and functions may vary from device to device.)

Tap the magnifying glass to search inside the book by keyword.

Tap the square box to add bookmarks and notes.

(Note: this screen shot is from an iPad. Similar functions are available for Android devices, but may look slightly different from device to device.)


You can hold up to 3 books at a time. When a book becomes available, a message will appear in your Message Center under "My Books". Books are held for 72 hours (3 days) from the time they become available to you.  Important:  The cloud cannot store email information for the user so, if you are waiting for a hold you should check the app every day or two to see if your hold has been filled.  You will not receive email notification of eBook holds that are ready for you.


Books will automatically be returned to the collection after 7 days. If you would like to return a book early, go to "My Books" and tap "List View". Tap the "Check In" button in the row for the book you would like to return.