Programs, Events, & Classes

pink tulips

Make a Flower

Make a flower out of a different material each week to complete your garden.
tiny tots text over open book

Tiny Tots Storytime

Sing, dance, learn nursery rhymes, read simple books and play!
open book

Terrific Toddler Storytime

Stories, music, short films, activities and crafts for kids ages 2-3.
origami ribbons

3D Origami Ribbons Workshop

Make 3D origami ribbons with Maker-in-Residence, Nghiep K. Luu.
colorful popsicle sticks

Exploding Popsicle Sticks!

We'll be making cobra weave chains out of craft sticks, and then letting them "explode."

Flower Tree Origami Workshop

Don't miss out on this origami workshop!
father holding toddler

Make Dad a Father’s Day Gift

Craft a photo frame for Father's Day.
colorful gears

ImagArena – An Imagination Building Program

Use your creativity to take on building challenges with a variety of unique materials.

Earring Making with Joan Lloyd

Crafter Joan Lloyd is back by popular demand!